About ArtTec Solar


To design and market cost effective tools that improve the performance of solar powered heating systems. We are committed to a sustainable way of life for the planet both personally and professionally.

Our products are all made in America.


When I built the solar heating system for my workshop in rural Maine back in 2001, it didn’t take me long to notice that I was losing some heat on cold winter afternoons. My solar powered pump would continue to run long after the flat plate collectors had become cooler than the storage tank causing the collectors to become radiators.

Being an electrical engineer who makes a living developing electronic products for other people, I realized immediately that I could build a simple controller that would solve this problem. In 2005 I decided to make a production version of my controller available. The business began as a cottage industry operated from a spare table in my workshop where I hand assembled each unit to order. The business has grown a lot since then an our controllers have been installed in locations from the Caribbean to Canada. With over 1000 units in the field we have a proven track record of reliability.

Guy Marsden
President, ART • TEC, LLC