“Works great! I recommend you to all my associates.”
“Working great! One of the best upgrades I’ve done to my system.”
“Very clear and easy. Lots of extra good information was contained in the manual.”
“The manual was very self explanatory to me. We are using the controller for a wood heated hot water set up and it works perfect.”
“This is a terrific product and I am VERY satisfied. Even for me as a MD it was easy to install. Good documentation, thank you very much.”
“Works great, easy to install, manual explains things well. PS I hope you are doing a great with your business. We need more solar hot water units in place.”
“I love the products. Mr. Mardsen is extremely knowledgeable, and patient in explaining to me over the phone how his products work, and how to hook them up. I’m glad to have done business with him, and would recommend him without hesitation to anyone.”
“I’m using your DTC-1 (built like a tank – been through every operating condition imaginable (-30 to well over 100 def F) including a full steam environment in the control cabinet (gotta plug those conduits) and it keeps on ticking). On the full steam problem, the DTC was dripping and stopped working – I dried it out and it worked fine.”
“The manual was very easy to understand. The controller appears to be well-made. And it was waiting in my mailbox less than 24 hours after I ordered it! I’m GLAD to see that well-made, well-priced products can still be made in the USA.”
“This was a fantastic purchase. For a decade I have been happily hearing my pump working on sunny winter days but ended each day with a tank at 60ºF. I was just pumping cold glycol around before and after midday. This winter the family has been all solar on many days and the tank temperature is never lower than 85º, which I then only have to raise to 108º. My only suggestion is that the small screw downs for the wires didn’t grab the small size I was using (twisted pair from Radio Shack) and I ended up crossing over to 14 GA house wire before terminating. Great product. Thanks for offering it.”

“Your product is fantastic, and you answered all of my questions quickly and thoroughly. We now have two of your units installed in the rain forest of East Maui.  The efficiency has gone through the roof with these controllers.  It is now possible to efficiently produce hot water through the clouds on stormy days.  There are no more issues generating hot water with the sporadic sun caused by our unique weather.  I will definitely recommend your product to anyone that has similar issues.”